Azkari Features

Azkari Main Features

Azkari is designed to enable you to read the daily remembrances and supplications easily and in a simple way , the daily azkar are listed in the order they were received by the prophet Mohammad –PBU- and as introduced in the well-known booklet “HISSN AL-MUSLIM”, so azkari is a simulation to this small and important book with easier facilities.

Azkari also provides you with Al-Masbaha which simulates the real one , you can simply choose a tasbeeha or add your own custom one and then start using AL-Masbaha .

The main features of Azkari are :
1. Daily prayers :
      • Morning and Evening Prayers.
      • Supplications at the start of the Prayer (Al-Salah).
      • Remembrance after Salam from Prayer (Al-Salah).
      • Remembrance before Sleeping.
      • Remembrance when waking up.
      • Supplication when mounting an animal or any means of transport.
      • Supplication for travel.
      • Supplication While returning from travel.
      • Remembrance and glorification of Allah.
      • Remembrance upon entering home.
      • Remembrance when leaving home.
      • Supplication when wearing a garment.
      • Al-ruqya Al-shareya.

2. Al-Masbaha:
      • It contains default tasabeeh .
      • You can add any new tasbeeha.

3. Timer for each prayer category and tasbeeha so that you can know the period of time you spent reading prayers or using Al-masbaha.

4. Counter for each tasbeeha .

5. Counter for each prayer category.

6. Log for the whole application that summarizes the counter and timer values for each prayer category and for each tasbeeha as well.

7. Facebook share for any prayer you choose.

8. Tweet any prayer you’d like to.

9. Two languages Arabic and English.

10. Autoplay facility by which you can listen to all prayers of a certain category sequentially or you can listen to the one you want .

11. The widget on your home screen by which you can select tasbeeha and start tasbeeh without the need to open the application.