Azkari is designed to enable you to read the daily remembrances and supplications easily and in a simple way.

App Features: your daily remembrances and supplications in a mobile software!

Prayers Your Daily Prayers

The daily azkar are listed in the order they were received by the prophet Mohammad –PBU- and as introduced in the well-known booklet “HISSN AL-MUSLIM”, so azkari is a simulation to this small and important book with easier facilities

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Al-Masbaha Never forgot it

Azkari also provides you with Al-Masbaha which simulates the real one , you can simply choose a tasbeeha or add your own custom one and then start using AL-Masbaha .

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Listen and Repeat Listen to your Prayers

You can listen to the selected prayer without needing to read it, simply you can repeat what you listen and you will get Al Ajr :)

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Share Prayers Al dal Ala alkhir kafaeleh

Get more ajer by sharing the Prayers with your friends on facebook and twitter. this feature added under the consipt of islam (Al dal Ala alkhir kafaeleh).

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Tracking Track your hasnat

This feature allows you to view your records, and trak your time and count of each prayer and tsbeeh, to encourage you to do more.

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Masbahti Widget fast and easy

Without the need to open the app simply you can use the widget from your home screen to select your tsbeeh and quickly use the Masbaha

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is developed in Palestine by Art Technologies